For over 12 decades, PTJ Prototype shop has offered a broad range of machining capabilities and services to a wide variety of industries in the Europe and America. With all of our machining experience, aluminum machining is an area that PTJ Prototype Shop excels in.

We use the latest in CNC software from japan and taiwan to machine aluminum at high speeds. By combining the technologies that japan has patented, along with newer CNC machines, we are able to produce precision machined aluminum parts at speeds not even attempted just a few short years ago.

Aluminum Machining Benefits

PTJ Prototype Shop believes that there are several reasons why companies choose aluminum machined parts over other materials. In terms of machining materials, aluminum machined parts are the most economical because they can be use CNC machining and milling for shorter periods of time than other metals. Aluminum machined products also have added strength, corrosion, and rust resistance due to a protective layer that forms when exposed to the atmosphere. Furthermore, aluminum machined parts are chemical resistant, electrically conductive, malleable, and possess high strength.
For these reasons and more, PTJ Prototype has dedicated itself to becoming the leader in global aluminum CNC machining parts!

Grades Of Aluminum We Can Work With

PTJ Prototype Shop has the in-house capability to handle all shapes of aluminum stock, including flat bar, angle, channel, sheet and tubing. The maximum aluminum stock that we can handle is 15 inches round and 12 feet long.

PTJ Prototype Shop has the experienced staff and a full service CNC machine shop in China to perform aluminum machining on many types of aluminum, including:

Material Specifications Machining Cost Factor Industries & Applications
Aluminum 2011 2011 can be heat treated, annealed, aged, and tempered 0.6 Electronic hardware and Commercial products
Aluminum 2024 It can be forged and hot worked, but is not ideal for welding or soldering. 0.7 Structural applications、Electronic hardware、Aircraft components and Automotive components
Aluminum 6061 It can be forged, hot worked, and readily welded, as well as heat treated, annealed, and aged. 0.8 Piping、Recreation equipment、Electronic hardware and Aircraft components
Aluminum 7075 7075 can be heat treated, annealed, and aged. 0.9 Aircraft components


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Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

Every element of the PTJ Rapiding Prototyping process is optimized for CNC aluminum machining success. PTJ creates its own special cutting tools and custom programming ERP in-house. EDM technology and CNC tool grinding create tools that maintain the keener edge that helps us remain a leading aluminum screw machine company.

aliuminum machining parts 2

Auto Engine Cover

Mazda Motor Corporation's CNC machining supplier of aluminum die-casting parts

Laser Cavity Housing

Turn-mill combination, 0.005mm tolerance
aliuminum machining parts 4

Signal Base Station

Tier 2 supplier of the largest domestic base station company
aliuminum machining parts

Large Tunnel Light Heatsink

Five-Axis turning and milling machining aluminium parts
aliuminum machining parts 45

Gearbox Housing

Heightening the column solves the interference between box and toolings
aliuminum machining parts 451

High-Pressure Water Pump Parts

Advanced 0.005mm Micro Precision Engraving
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