As the pace of the electronic information age accelerates, people are increasingly demanding mobile phones. High-end brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei not only have a strict grasp of their internal quality, but also have a high demand for customer experience and appearance. The era of plastic mobile phone cases has passed. Mobile phones with metal cases have become the market leader. Not only has its quality improved, but its aesthetics has also greatly increased the sales value of mobile phones.


The 6061 grade imported aluminum alloy material is no longer sufficient to meet the high demand of today’s customers, so processors have upgraded the imported aluminum alloy grade from 6061 to 7075, which has stricter requirements on the mechanical properties and characteristics of various shell materials With control.

The requirements of high-end mobile phone casings must be light, flexible, and rigid. They must be resistant to falling, folding, oxidation, or sandblasting, and have high-end appearance after drawing. The quality is high, and 7075 is completely Meet the stringent requirements of high-end mobile phones on the shell.

First, the material hardness of the 7075 brand is relatively strong, which basically eliminates the phenomenon of pits when the mobile phone case is exposed to external forces. Furthermore, the addition of chromium to the 7075 has a good resistance to stress fracture, not only will not affect the phone The high degree of appearance will also protect the internal hardware well;

Secondly, the 7075 grade material has medium corrosion resistance and flexibility. It is not easy to be corroded when encountering liquids, and because of its good flexibility, the machined mobile phone case is close to the inner body of the phone without leaving any gaps, which effectively guarantees its effectiveness. There is no water or dust inside, which prolongs the service life of the mobile phone to a certain extent;

Third, the 7075 grade material is particularly anodized, even if oxidized to color, such as gold, black, blue and other tall colors can be uniform, bright colors, and enhance the external value of its mobile phone;

Fourth, the surface of the 7075 grade material has the original texture of aluminum alloy and silver metallic luster. The matte feel that is not easy to fall off will definitely make your customers love mobile phones.
The 7075 aluminum alloy plate itself is an aerospace-grade aluminum plate. There are not many suppliers with sufficient stock in the entire industry. In addition, there are many medium-thick plates with a thickness of 6-152.4mm in the aerospace field. There are very few thin plates of 2-5mm thickness for high-end computers and tablet housings on the market. Therefore, the entire imported 7075 aluminum alloy sheet is extremely tight. Many processors for high-end mobile phones, computers, and tablet machining shells are very worried about looking for high-quality, pure imported 7075 aluminum alloy sheets. Worrying about the future, a large amount of spot inventory provides worry-free guarantee for your machining and production, and the price is reasonable. Provide you with cost-effective, high-quality pure imported aluminum alloy materials, so that you can order, machining and put the product on the market without any worries.