Since the first human use of power devices to go to heaven in 1903, the development of aerospace vehicles has been inextricably bound up with the development of aluminum alloy materials. The engine block of the Wright Brothers aircraft (Wiright Flyer1) is made of 8% copper aluminum alloy.

铝合金在航空制造中的应用-PTJ IMAGES

Among the materials used in China’s regional airliners ARJ21-700 and C919 large passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights, the quality of aluminum alloy parts accounts for 68% to 75% of the total net mass of the aircraft. About 1500 pieces of aluminum are used in the cabin of C919 large aircraft. Alloy sheet metal parts and about 50,000 alloy rivets and screws.

Although the current use of composite materials in aerospace vehicle manufacturing has increased, due to production specifications, high production costs and high prices, and the impact of Alcoa and Rio Tinto -Alcan) launched a number of high-performance deformed aluminum alloys, greatly improving the competitiveness of aviation aluminum, so the growth rate of composite materials in aerospace vehicles will not be as fast as expected in the past. In the next three to forty years, Aluminum alloy is still the main key material for aerospace vehicle manufacturing.