Aluminium plays an important role in more and more applications, and it is a trend to replace other metal materials

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology and machining level, many electronic products, molds and other products have gradually increased the requirements for raw materials. This quality is not limited to the requirements of hardness, light quality and moderate strength requirements. The ductility must be easy to process, good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, good reflectivity to light, heat, and radio waves, but also non-toxic, non-magnetic, attractive, and low temperature resistant. There are many requirements for materials in various industries, and various processors generally reflect the advantages of aluminum alloy materials.

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Application of aluminum alloy in Europe and America shipbuilding industry

The position of aluminum alloys in various industries has been increasing year by year, and the scope of use of aluminum alloys has become more and more extensive, not only for high-speed rail applications in aircraft manufacturing, precision molds, electronic parts, machinery manufacturing, communications equipment, electronic product machining, and transportation. Now, in the area of ​​maritime transport-the application of shipbuilding is also more extensive.

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Application of 5 series aluminum alloy in automobile field

Some time ago, the PTJ’s expert team gave you a rough introduction to the advantages of imported aluminum alloys in the automotive manufacturing field. Many careful industry professionals have carefully browsed our website and called to ask us: which brand of material is more suitable for application. What about automotive machining?

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