ptj create without limited

PTJ Mission as a leading rapid prototype developer and manufacturer serving industrial and provide the highest quality, most cost-effective products services and solution to our customers. Our designs, develop, rapid turnover, excellent services and innovations technologies to our global customers. We are aim to PTJ without limited spirit to all of our projects to customers.

We firmly believe that our customers’ market success and profitability will be best valued to us. We enthusiastically support each of our customers with:

Technical support
& creativity in design

Prototypes First then Low-volume production.

Speed of response
to inquiries

Anticipate the Customers and Serves the Customers.

On-time or
early deliveries

Under Promised throughout whole process.

Best competitive
price performance

Increase quality sense, engineering technologies.

Zero tolerance
for defects

Creative Core Values to Customer.96% Pass rate,Return in 7 days without reasons

Added care value
to products

Team spirit, keep enjoy the journey for projects to customers together.


our success

The history of PTJ starts with many first steps. The step into independence, onto the automotive parts market and onto the factory floor of major manufacturing.