There are wide arrays of alloys that can be categorized as copper, and we work with experts to provide our customers with the perfect composition of bronze, copper, and tin.Copper makes up a large amount of the nitty gritty components of the world and has been used for millennia. Copper is a popular metal to work with and used in many industries because it offers high strength at a low density, non-magnetic, and can be a great conductor of electricity and heat.

As the premier copper machining supplier,PTJ Prototype knows the many benefits behind copper machined parts.

COPPER Machining Benefits

Copper is known for being the best electrical conductor while having a relatively low cost. PTJ Prototype find that copper CNC machining is a smooth, easy process because copper is a good heat conductor that is easy to shape. Copper also has high corrosion resistance properties to rust, making copper machined parts popular for electrical applications.

Grades Of Copper We Can Work With

From mold applications such as custom bearings and bushings in landing gears to hydraulic pump components, and applications in other industries such as home construction, building components, and machinery, we have the copper alloys for your industry needs.

PTJ Prototype Shop has the experienced staff and a full service CNC machine shop in China to perform copper machining on many types of copper, including:

Material Specifications Machining Cost Factor Industries & Applications
Copper C11000 It is excellent for hot and cold forming, as well as soldering. 3.0 Transformers/Electrical contacts/Fittings
Tellurium Copper C14500 It is good for hot and cold working, forging, brazing, and soldering, but is not ideal for welding. 0.8 Electrical contacts/Bolts/Fittings
Beryllium Copper C17200 It is good for soldering, brazing, forging, welding, and hot and cold working. 3.0 Electrical contacts/Bushings/Bearings/Pump components
Beryllium Copper C17300 It is good for soldering, brazing, welding, and hot and cold working, but is not ideal for forging. 1.0 Electrical contacts/Fasteners/Valve components/Pump components
Beryllium Copper C17500 It is good for soldering, brazing, welding, and hot and cold working, but is not ideal for forging. 1.5 Electrical contacts/Fasteners/Springs/Bearings


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Custom CNC Copper Parts

In addition to on-time delivery assurance, PTJ professionals can recommend the specific copper alloy that will machine most cost-effectively for your project. They have a thorough understanding of copper chip forming characteristics that impact machining speed and component quality. The ptj metal experts are also adept at acquiring materials, leveraging sources that keep materials costs in check.


Led Light Heatsink

Professional high power copper heatsink CNC machining expert

Mold Thimble

High precision mold thimble,Turn-mill combination, 0.005mm tolerance

Copper Jewelry Accessories

Jewelry Accessories rapid prototyping parts in china

Precision Copper Parts

Responsible for surface treatment services such as laser marking

Copper Luggage fasteners

High-precision luggage buckle cnc machining workshop

Metal Connector

Advanced 0.005mm Micro Precision Engraving
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