High-speed tools or carbide tipped tools are preferred for the machining of magnesium. It is important to keep the cutting tool sharp to avoid to much heat. The experience with diamond tools are excellent but the costs are relatively high. It is necessary to store machined products under dry conditions and when there is a chance of condensation, extra protection is needed.

As the premier magnesium machining supplier,PTJ Prototype knows the many benefits behind magnesium machined parts.

Magnesium Machining Benefits

Magnesium has very good machining abilities like sawing, punching, drilling, milling, turning compared to other metals. The specific cutting power is low and the surface is excellent and the chips are short.
Magnesium is the fastest machining metal and it has a high thermal conductivity.

Comparison Of Magnesium And Other Material

PTJ Prototype Shop has the experienced staff and a full service CNC machine shop in China to perform safe machining on Dangerous magnesium alloy.

Material Rough Turning Finish Turning 0-10mm Drilling Relative Power 100mm mill/1mm cut milling
Steel 40-200 60-300 15-30 1.2 20-25
Aluminum 75-750 120-1200 60-400 1.8 200-300
Magnesium Up to 1200 1800-2400 150-500 1.0 200-500


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Custom CNC Magnesium Parts

Every element of the PTJ Rapiding Prototyping process is optimized for CNC magnesium machining success. PTJ creates its own special cutting tools and custom programming ERP in-house. EDM technology and CNC tool grinding create tools that maintain the keener edge that helps us remain a leading magnesium machine company.


Magnesium Wheels Hub

Capable of handling parts up to 60 in. L x 120 in.

Magnesium Steering Wheel

Cnc Turn-mill combination, 0.005mm tolerance

Aircraft Engine Disc

3 and 4-axis aircraft machining services for magnesium.

Magnesium Die Castings

Five-Axis turning and milling machining aluminium parts

Large Aircraft Engine Parts

Large Aircraft Engine Parts prototyping machining solutions In China

Magnesium Drone Housing

Assembly, drilling, anodizing, pressing, threading, reaming and passivating
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