Metal Forging: Forging Length: 1000MM

Forging is a machining method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain a forged piece with certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size. Forging (forging and stamping) is one of the two major components. Forging can eliminate defects such as as-cast looseness caused by metal in the smelting process and optimize the microstructure.

At the same time, the mechanical properties of the forging are generally better than those of the same material because the complete metal streamline is saved. Important parts in related machinery with high load and severe working conditions, in addition to simpler shapes that can be rolled plates, profiles or welded parts, are mostly made of forgings.

Machining Process

Our experts have years of experience when it comes to large scale fabrication, and fully understand the supply chain, better positioning us to assist with the challenges associated with locating and sourcing the proper materials.
We are able to Quote on the following fabrication services:

  1. Aircraft Forged Parts
  2. Automotive Forged Parts
  3. Forged Parts For Ships
  4. Bicycle Forged Parts
  5. Mine Forged Parts
  6. Motorcycle Forged Parts
  7. Petrochemical Forged Parts

Whether you are in the process of Hot forging,Cold forging, we provide material you can trust. Our fabrication experts can also assist you in selecting the right material for building fabricated structures. Market competition, the factory in order to meet different customer requirements for the purpose, in order to ensure the quality of their duty to conduct the best service to participate in market competition, and sincerely welcome customers come letter patronage and cooperation. In continuous high-precision metal forging, PTJ Prototype Shop has a strong technical ability and strength.

Our customers should know that from the moment a job goes into production until the time it is shipped, PTJ Prototype Shop is a fabricator who exercises complete control over every operation in the fabrication process. Moreover, in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 quality procedures, there is total traceability of, and accountability for, every job we have in production.

Let us be your single source for your assembly and sub-assembly needs. Contact Us early and we will help you spend your money wisely.

Metal Forging Capabilities

Machine Properties Produce closed-die forgings on presses ranging from 850 to 4,000 tons.
Forging Features
  • High Plasticity
  • High Mechanical Properties
  • Light Weight
  • Save Raw Materials
  • High Productivity
Size of Parts Ranges 1 lb. to over 90 lbs.
PTJ Strength Has 13 forging press lines with backup size capability.
Forgings Material
  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Copper Alloy
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Iron-based Superalloy
  • Nickel-based Superalloy
Forging Length 1000MM
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