ISO 9001:2015 Industrial screen printing services

Screen printing refers to the use of a screen as a printing plate, and a screen printing plate with graphics and text produced by a photosensitive plate-making method. Screen printing consists of five major elements: screen printing plates, squeegees, inks, printing tables, and substrates.

Surface Treatment Process

Use the basic principle that the screen part of the screen printing plate can penetrate the ink, and the non-text part can not print through the basic principle of printing.

When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, and apply a certain pressure to the ink part on the screen printing plate with a scraper, and at the same time move uniformly toward the other end of the screen printing plate. Part of the mesh is squeezed onto the substrate.

  1. Stretched
  2. Skim
  3. drying
  4. Peel off
  5. exposure
  6. development
  7. drying
  8. Revision
  9. Block the net

Screen printing services including silk screening services. Precision pad printing, text and barcode printing services are also available. Screens, available up to 48 in. x 48 in. can print inside flange or box cover as close as .500 from restriction. Printing can be done on plastic or wood substrate. Other services include logo application, parts serialization, mechanical and laser engraving, silk screening, laser marking. Services are available for defense, OEM, aerospace, medical device and other manufacturers.

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