Talking About Aluminum Plate Heat Treatment

1.Heat treatment principle of aluminum alloy

The heat treatment of aluminum alloy plate is to select a certain heat treatment specification, control the heating rate to rise to a corresponding temperature, and keep it for a certain time to cool at a certain rate and change the structure of its alloy. Its main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and enhance the corrosion resistance , Improve machining performance and obtain dimensional stability.

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Application of 7075 aluminum material in mobile phone case industry

As the pace of the electronic information age accelerates, people are increasingly demanding mobile phones. High-end brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei not only have a strict grasp of their internal quality, but also have a high demand for customer experience and appearance. The era of plastic mobile phone cases has passed. Mobile phones with metal cases have become the market leader. Not only has its quality improved, but its aesthetics has also greatly increased the sales value of mobile phones.

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Aluminium plays an important role in more and more applications, and it is a trend to replace other metal materials

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of technology and machining level, many electronic products, molds and other products have gradually increased the requirements for raw materials. This quality is not limited to the requirements of hardness, light quality and moderate strength requirements. The ductility must be easy to process, good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, good reflectivity to light, heat, and radio waves, but also non-toxic, non-magnetic, attractive, and low temperature resistant. There are many requirements for materials in various industries, and various processors generally reflect the advantages of aluminum alloy materials.

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Application of aluminum alloy in Europe and America shipbuilding industry

The position of aluminum alloys in various industries has been increasing year by year, and the scope of use of aluminum alloys has become more and more extensive, not only for high-speed rail applications in aircraft manufacturing, precision molds, electronic parts, machinery manufacturing, communications equipment, electronic product machining, and transportation. Now, in the area of ​​maritime transport-the application of shipbuilding is also more extensive.

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Talking about the six common surface treatment methods of aluminum alloy parts

Although the aluminum alloy composition and heat treatment have greatly improved the performance of aluminum alloys, in many cases it is also required that the aluminum alloy surface has special properties such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and most of the failure of aluminum alloy materials starts from the surface, so It is particularly important to improve the surface properties of materials. Surface treatment can improve protection, decoration and functionality, overcome the shortcomings of aluminum alloy surface performance, expand the scope of application, and extend the service life.

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