Application of aluminum alloy in high-speed railway manufacturing

High-speed railways play a vital role in the transportation of countries around the world. In recent years, the development of high-speed railways has attracted more attention from the public, and the raw materials for manufacturing high-speed trains have also undergone tremendous changes.Aluminum alloy car body has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, good flatness and easy to manufacture complex and beautiful curved car body, so it is welcomed by urban transportation companies and railway transportation departments in the world.

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Application of 7075 aluminum material in mobile phone case industry

As the pace of the electronic information age accelerates, people are increasingly demanding mobile phones. High-end brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei not only have a strict grasp of their internal quality, but also have a high demand for customer experience and appearance. The era of plastic mobile phone cases has passed. Mobile phones with metal cases have become the market leader. Not only has its quality improved, but its aesthetics has also greatly increased the sales value of mobile phones.

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Application of aluminum alloy in Europe and America shipbuilding industry

The position of aluminum alloys in various industries has been increasing year by year, and the scope of use of aluminum alloys has become more and more extensive, not only for high-speed rail applications in aircraft manufacturing, precision molds, electronic parts, machinery manufacturing, communications equipment, electronic product machining, and transportation. Now, in the area of ​​maritime transport-the application of shipbuilding is also more extensive.

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Application of 5 series aluminum alloy in automobile field

Some time ago, the PTJ’s expert team gave you a rough introduction to the advantages of imported aluminum alloys in the automotive manufacturing field. Many careful industry professionals have carefully browsed our website and called to ask us: which brand of material is more suitable for application. What about automotive machining?

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Talking about the advantages and prospects of aluminum alloy in the automotive industry

In the past 20 years, the global energy problem has become more and more serious, which makes reducing the weight of automobiles and reducing fuel consumption the key to improving the competitiveness of major automobile manufacturers. According to relevant data, for every 50kg reduction in vehicle weight, the distance traveled per liter of fuel can increase by 2km; for every 1% reduction in vehicle weight, fuel consumption decreases by 0.6% to 1%. Aluminum has the characteristics of low density and good corrosion resistance, and the plasticity of aluminum alloy is excellent. The casting, forging, and stamping processes are all suitable, and it is the most suitable for the die casting process of automobile parts production.

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Application Of Aluminum In Electrical Industry

Aluminum alloy is the most common non-ferrous metal material in daily life. It is not only widely used in the field of navigation and aviation, but also most widely used in high-end industries. Such as aerospace, marine equipment, consumer electronics, casting molds, fixtures and other fields, are widely used. Among them, our daily production is closely related to the daily consumption of aluminum products for electronics and electrical appliances.

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