While removing the burrs, the internal stress of the material can also be reduced, which will not affect the later use performance due to uneven force. During the sandblasting process, the adhesion of the coating film can be improved and the basis for increasing the thickness of the oxide film It is convenient for other machining, and the industrial aluminum profile products after physical and chemical treatment have higher surface corrosion resistance and longer service life.

1.Clean The Oil And Dust On The Surface Of The Profile

Industrial aluminum profiles are produced by extrusion straightening. During the production process, various molds are used. If there is dust, oil or rust on the mold, it will adhere to the surface of the aluminum profile, so that The surface of the produced aluminum profile is stained, which affects the aesthetics. Through high-speed sandblasting oxidation treatment, dust and debris on the surface of the profile can be effectively removed, which facilitates the coloration of the oxide film during the subsequent anodizing treatment, which guarantees production. The appearance quality of the product is qualified.

2.Easy Post-machining

The surface oxide layer of the extruded aluminum machining profile is very thin, and the dense porous oxide film formed has a strong adsorption capacity. First, it must be sealed to prevent dust and oil from entering the material, and it must be anodized to improve The thickness of the oxide film is more than 10 μm, which is also convenient for the electrolytic coloring of the oxide film, and the subsequent electrophoretic coating and electrostatic powder spraying. If there is no high-quality aluminum matrix material, it will affect the subsequent surface treatment effect of the profile.

Many profiles need to be machined during drilling, tapping or cutting. A uniform groove is added to the surface of the material after sandblasting and oxidation to facilitate the storage of lubricating oil. The machining process can be made during machining. Smoother while reducing noise pollution.

3.Remove Surface Burrs

In the process of profile production, it is inevitable that burrs will be generated on the surface of the material due to mold breakage or other reasons. Although burrs are not a big problem, the development of modern technology has higher and higher requirements for the precision of industrial equipment, especially for aerospace Aluminum profiles and more complex parts have strict requirements on accuracy. If the burrs on the surface of the material are not eliminated, serious consequences may be caused. The sand blasting treatment can be used to remove and cover the burrs on the surface of the material. , Make the surface of the profile more smooth and flat.

4.Improve The Mechanical Properties Of The Material Surface

At present, the aluminum and aluminum frame materials used in industry and construction usually use 6063-T5 industrial aluminum. It has very high strength and cutting performance, and has high heat resistance and wear resistance. After blasting and anodic oxidation, the tensile strength can reach 180MPa, the general materials are below 160MPa, the elastic modulus can reach 68600N per square millimeter, and the mechanical properties in the T6 state are stronger.

The surface oxide film of industrial aluminum profiles after sandblasting and anodizing can reach more than 12 μm, which exceeds the parameter value stipulated by the state. Therefore, sand blast oxidation can better improve the fatigue resistance of the surface of aluminum profiles, and make the mechanical and physical properties higher than ordinary materials. It is the first choice for building industrial frame materials.

5.Improve The Surface Decoration Effect

Sandblasted aluminum profile products can improve the surface finish by at least 0.8 grades on the original basis, which is equivalent to a single polishing, which can make many frame structures treatment form a uniform bright or matte surface, and improve the decoration of the material. effect.

For the current popular all-aluminum home, the use of frosted aluminum material is not only convenient for daily use, but also can improve the overall effect to look a lot of grades, so that the appearance effect and use performance are improved.

6.Extend Service Life

For aluminum profile products with complicated external dimensions, due to the difference between the cross-sectional shape and the surface thickness, there may be some places that are not too uniform during the oxidation treatment. When using sandblasting oxidation treatment, different sand materials can be used. A full range of spraying is performed at the corners to maintain a uniform thickness on each surface of the profile.